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Infinex Financial Group was formed in 1993 by several community banks in collaboration with the Connecticut Bankers Association (CBA).


Infinex is now owned by Advisor Group, Inc., one of the nation's largest networks of independent wealth management firms serving over 10,000 financial professionals. Founded in 2006, Advisor Group is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and has more than 2,000 employees across the country.  


Advisor Group works with Infinex to champion its original mission of serving the financial institution market from the bankers' perspective and in a way that is uniquely different than the competition. 

Photo: Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut

Thirty years dedicated to helping banks and credit unions build and manage successful wealth, investment, and insurance programs... 

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Founded in



Owned by
Advisor Group, Inc.


Committed to a Premier Service Experience


Focused on the technology
and resources needed to grow your business in this channel


Quick and easy access to the people that help you enhance the client experience and drive revenue

Our Unique Story & Maintaining the Vision


Although third-party marketers were available at the time of Infinex’s inception, they could not respond to the specific needs of community banks and credit unions. Partnerships often involved secondary agendas such as product distribution requirements. These agendas did not align with the objectives of many financial institutions and did not truly help them thrive. 

Infinex filled a missing niche in the broker-dealer market. For 30 years, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to serving the interests of financial institutions and the financial professionals within this channel. Our history and experience allow us to deliver a unique partnership that primes our advisors for industry-leading growth and productivity.

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