Who is in the driver's seat at your broker-dealer?

Infinex Financial Group was formed in 1993 by several community banks, in collaboration with the Connecticut Bankers Association (CBA). To this day, Infinex is owned by a group of banks and state banking associations, with no dividend distributions.


Our ownership structure allows us to focus on your needs, not those of a private investor group or the demands of a publicly-traded firm.

It's your career.

Put yourself in full control with Infinex Financial Group.

Photo: Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut

By Financial Institutions. 

For Financial Institutions.

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Founded in



Owned by Nearly





Commitment to

high payouts and low fees.


Focused on support

and enhancing resources,

not on dividends.


Quick and easy access to the people and teams that help you drive revenue.

Our Unique Story & Maintaining the Vision


Although third-party marketers were available at the time of Infinex’s inception, they were unable to adequately respond to the specific needs of financial institutions. Furthermore, partnerships often involved secondary agendas such as product distribution requirements. In some cases, broker-dealers believed they owned the book of business. These agendas did not align with the objectives of the banks and credit unions and thus, did not truly help them thrive.


 For over 25 years, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to serving the interests of the financial institution channel. Our history and ownership structure remain unique in the industry. Instead of paying dividend distributions, our shareholders prefer to focus on investing in our model to continuously enhance the support we provide. This means that our programs receive high payouts and low fees. They also benefit from specific financial institution resources not available at other broker-dealers.


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