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Questions answered. Issues resolved.

Our service goal is to keep financial professionals focused on sales, not paperwork or unnecessary hassles.

Experienced, regional account managers and service members partner with financial professionals to drive business forward. The Infinex team develops a core understanding of each financial institution's unique needs to build strong relationships with each individual financial professional, discerning who they are, how they think and what is of utmost importance to them and their clients.

Our customer support is key to maintaining and assuring high customer satisfaction standards.  We know that our success is tied to our customers’ success and satisfaction. We also know that change and evolution will always be critical. As such, we constantly update our service delivery model given current regulatory and economic conditions, along with the feedback we receive from financial professionals.

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The Infinex team completely has my back; they really look out for me and my clients. Even though I know I’m not their only client, I feel I get priority attention; they bend over backward to help me. I always get more than what I ask for … I’ll not only get the answers I need, but also education and guidance that helps with future initiatives.”*

- Financial Professional, Wauchula State Financial Services at Wauchula State Bank

*All endorsements included in this material have been provided by Infinex registered persons and are limited to

broker / dealer and insurance services.

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