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Infinex understands the importance of locating and selecting the right financial professional for your program. Our in-house recruiting team and regional relationship managers make doing so as easy as possible, leading you through the process in a way that dramatically increases the chances for long-term success.

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At its core, selecting the right financial professional is the most important and basic step in the long-term growth of your investment program. Exceptional financial professionals have a positive impact on their financial institution that goes beyond the revenue they generate.

At Infinex, we are passionate, not only about locating the most knowledgeable financial professionals, but also insuring they match your financial institution's vision and culture. Once selected, we provide the tools, programs, training and resources to help them thrive and truly enhance their bank or credit union's investment program.


The process starts with an initial job order.  Your Infinex Relationship Manager will ask a series of questions in order to clearly understand what type of candidate will match your needs.  Typical questions may be:

  • How many years of experience do you want candidates to have?

  • Are you looking for candidates with specific bank channel experience?

  • Are you looking for candidates with specific licenses and/or credentials?

  • Can you describe your “ideal candidate” or the person you think will be most successful working inside your financial institution’s culture?

Answers to additional questions about compensation structures, signing bonuses and treatment of the financial professional's existing book of business will help Infinex's Recruitment Team hone in on the candidates that best suit your needs.

Next, Infinex will begin searching for candidates leveraging a national database of registered representatives.  The database and other search activities will create a pool of possible contacts that will be contacted via email and telephone regarding the opportunity.

The Recruitment Team and/or Infinex Relationship Manager will conduct initial interview screening in order to deliver the best candidate to the financial institution for further interviews.  As your interview activities progress, your Recruitment Team will be available to help facilitate initial background and FINRA checks, and to provide consultative support as needed.

Throughout the entire process, you will receive weekly progress updates on activities and be in ongoing communication with Infinex.

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