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General Inquiries:

For general questions about Infinex Financial Group, please contact our headquarters at:

Infinex Financial Group
538 Preston Avenue, Meriden CT 06450
Phone: 203-599-6027
Fax: 203-599-6001

Financial Institutions

If you are a Financial Institution interested in learning more about Infinex Financial Group, please contact Jere Colcer, Senior Vice President, Business Development at:
Phone: 704-650-7692
Email: Business Development-INFINEX

Financial Professionals

If you are a Financial Professional interested in discussing ways to expand your practice, please contact Robert Philopena, Senior Recruiter at:
Phone: 800-218-2827 ×6034
Email: Recruiting-INFINEX

Individual Investors, Clients

If you are currently an Infinex client or are looking for an investment professional in your area, please contact Tracy Patla at:
Phone: 203-599-6027
Email: Individual Investors-INFINEX

Product Partner

If you are a product partner, please contact: Tim Lewis, Director of Product & Relationship Management at:
Phone: 813-689-4626
Email: Products & Relationships-INFINEX



Infinex Offers

  • Broad array of packaged products, wealth management and financial planning services
  • Field support in each market
  • Technology that allows your to spend time in front of your clients, NOT on operational issues
  • CARE referral training
  • Powerful on-line tools