Experienced regionalized account managers and associates of Infinex partner with financial institutions and advisors to help them remain focused on their core business. Our Infinex team develops a deep relationship by understanding our Financial Institutions and Financial Advisors; discerning who they are, how they think and what is of utmost importance to their clients both for present and future investments.

With the Infinex Back Office Advisor Support Team our clients receive:

  • Dedicated Regionalized Support Teams…assuring Financial Advisors the same qualified team members who know their needs and can respond quickly with every call.

  • Direct Liaison to the Bokerage Clearing Firm…handling all paperwork so advisors can focus on their key business, clients & sales

  • Financial Advisors Point of Contact…for deeper response and explanation when direct client contact is needed

  • Immediate Updates… for direct communication regarding new procedures, policies, events & training for advisors

  • Training on processes & technology on a one-on-one basis

  • Experience & Knowledge … for answers to unique & specific issues

“The Infinex team completely has my back; they really look out for me and my clients.  
Even I though I know I’m not their only client I feel I get priority attention; they bend over backward to help me.

I always get more than what I ask for…I’ll not only get the answers I need but also education and guidance that helps with future initiatives.”

Denise Tomlinson, Financial Advisor, Wauchula State Financial Services at Wauchula State Bank

*All endorsements included in this material have been provided by Infinex registered persons and are limited to broker / dealer and insurance services.


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