For decades your clients have worked hard, believing their investments would build, assuring them a solid springboard for their financial goals. They turn to their trusted financial institutions for reliable guidance and advice. When deciding whether your institution should offer wealth management, financial planning, and investments to your clients, consider the following facts:

Other financial institutions in your market are already likely to be offering these services:

  • 38% of all U.S. banks offer retail investment services*

  • 58% of all U.S. banks with assets greater than $250 M offer investment services*

Offering Access to Wealth Management, Financial Planning & Investments cam be a meaningful contribution to your financial institution's bottom line:


According to the 2015 Investment Program Blueprint:

  • On average, investment programs in community banks have a 2.40% deposit penetration (ratio of dollars invested to total retail deposits)

  • Revenue per million dollars of retail deposits averages $1,158, up 38% from 2014

  • As banks have an increased need for non-interest income, and fewer sources for that income, investment program revenue is becoming increasingly important.  Investment program revenue represented 12.67% of their financial institution's non-interest income in 2014 - nearly double 2013 levels.




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*Source: Strategic Business Insights & K&C Partners 2012


Numbers Don’t Lie

  • Deposit sales penetration: 2.40%
  • Revenue per million dollars of retail deposits:  $1,158
  • Contribution to non-interest income:  12.67%


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