Infinetonline is our web-based platform and portal for advisors and their teams to manage daily activities. Infinetonline provides single sign-on access to:

  • Account opening for direct, brokerage and fee based accounts

  • Asset summary tools

  • CRM system – client database

  • Data aggregation and client reporting for client holding through Albridge

  • Email

  • Marketing and Sales Resources

  • Performance Reporting

  • Position Summary

  • Service Center Requests

  • Updates and News

Technology for Prospecting

  • Referral Management System – provides a simple to use way to track and report on referral activity

  • Truebridge:  Financial Answer Center – we provide subscribing financial institutions complimentary ability to integrate the Financial Answer Center from Truebridge into their website and intranet.  The Financial Answer Center provides educational resources and lead generation for deposit, loan, commercial, investment, and insurance strategies.

Technology for Selling

  • CRM – Our CRM system securely puts client data at our advisors’ fingertips from their desktop, the web, or their mobile devices at any time.  The most unique feature of the CRM is the seamless two-way integration with our other tools including:  Infinetonline, Microsoft Outlook, MoneyGuide Pro, Pershing/NetX 360, Albridge, and document management.

  • Enhanced Wealth Reporting- Through a single sign-on interface to Albridge, advisors access portfolio performance, business analytics and more than 15 client performance reports.

  • MoneyGuide Pro - gives Financial Advisors access to the top rated financial planning software to create a unique selling philosophy:

    • Begin with the clients’ goals (their hopes and dreams) and the importance of each goal.

    • Create many distinct Lifestyle goals – categorizing them as Needs, Wants, or Wishes.

    • Use SuperSolve™ to create optimized solutions based on clients’ preferences.

    • Project Probability of Success using valid, supportable assumptions appropriate for strategic planning.

    • Present the results and answer questions interactively with Play Zone™ and / or Presentation.

  • NetX 360 - a web-based account management program that provides:

    • Order Entry for equities, mutual funds, fixed income, and annuities
    • NetExchange Office
    • Items for Attention
    • Margin Notifications
    • Incoming and Outgoing Account Transfers
    • Investment Research and News

 Technology for Communicating

  • Advisor Center from Broadridge/Forefield helps advisors stay in contact with clients and prospects using newsletters, market updates, and video alerts.  Concept pieces, business builders, checklists, and presentations make it easy to educate clients and prospects on products, strategies, and the impact of life events.

Technology for Reporting and Management

  • Sales reports provide daily insights into advisor and financial institution level activity

  • Compliance tools provide easy access to manuals, regulatory updates, and surveys

  • MCIF downloads make it easy for financial institutions to display information about client investment relationships on the financial institution’s system


Proven Tools for Wealth Management, Retail Investment & Insurance Programs

  • CRM
  • Asset Summary
  • Data Aggregation
  • Performance Reporting
  • Service Requests