We are experts in both the banking AND investment industries. Our firm is cooperatively owned by a large group of community banks and state banking organizations, unlike our many competitors that are either publicly traded, owned by insurance or mutual fund companies, or owned by a venture capital firm.

Through these turbulent times where a number of our competitors have experienced significant changes in their business models, eliminated in-field support personnel, or gone out of business, Infinex has kept our promise to clients by having in-field resources in all the markets we serve and has remained profitable. We continually invest in our business model to better serve our clients.

Infinex has:

  • Over 20 years dedicated to the Community Bank and Financial industry marketplace
  • Over 180 relationships with financial institutions and over 400 financial advisors
  • Over 40 financial institution shareholders and 4 state trade association shareholders

Unwavering core beliefs and complete focus on helping our clients succeed is why Infinex has achieved continued, steady growth.