Whether looking to improve your current investment program or starting a new program, Infinex is committed to providing our customers with high-touch, knowledgeable expertise. Our highly experienced team of specialists provides personalized attention and unwavering service which has contributed to our significant growth. We are accessible online, over the phone and face-to-face in the field.

Our Best Practice Consulting includes:

  • In-Field Support 

    Our Regional Directors are consultants who work one-on-one with our financial institutions and advisors to develop a consistent process to manage and promote the best performance and growth opportunities.

  • Financial Institution Profile Process

    Infinex starts by meeting with each customer to review their present culture, mission, values, issues and needs. The information we gather initiates the compilation of a strategic Performance Profile. The process builds the solid foundation needed to support a profitable and fully integrated investment retail and insurance program.

    The profile is a two-part process. First, each financial institution completes an extensive survey that evaluates its current situation in comparison to an “ideal” program. This is followed by a detailed report with individualized recommendations tailored to the needs of each fnancial institution. The Strategic Development Group at Infinex works to help the financial institution prioritize the list of recommendations and tackle them one at a time.

    Following completion of the profile, the financial institution will have a prioritized action plan and management guidelines for each of the following critical areas:

>Goals and Accountability
>Incentive Strategies
>Reporting and Tracking
>Training and Development
>Marketing and Advertising

  • Marketing

    Infinex has developed extensive marketing materials to help reinforce client relations and cultivate new clients. Our team will work with you to identify and illustrate your market brand and effectively create materials that support your individual Financial Advisor’s style.

  • Recruiting

    Having the right person in the role of Financial Advisor can make all the difference to your Investment program.


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We are committed to fostering deep, service-added relationships with our Financial Institutions. Service differentiates Infinex from the competition.