At Infinex, we live by our Service First motto; every client matters. With a singular focus on financial institutions and advisors, we are renowned for our commitment to our clients' success; our service is unparalleled in the industry.

In Our Clients' Words

“I was very impressed with the management team at Infinex; but even more impressed once working with them as the culture of everyone across the board is definitely living up to the standard portrayed by the management group.

There are many options out there these days, but the big firms become bigger and everything we experienced involved a behemoth. A once great program eventually got to be too big; as a client you became less and less important, eventually becoming nothing more than a number.

But the ownership of Infinex brings a lot of comfort as they are not likely to be sold to a larger firm. Knowing the high customer-supportive culture is likely to be the same and around for a long time brings relief and confidence for a long-term relationship.”

Corey D. Quattlebaum,
Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Southern Investment Services

Infinex has it all…proven expertise, superior high-touch service with the technology to make your life easier. Coupled with successful strategies from a stable, strong company that tailors solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. The result is a winning combination for you and your clients' futures.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of products and services, with the most competitive revenue sharing payout. We are NOT publicly held, with NO corporate parent. This enables us to structure unique payout offerings.

*All endorsements included in this material have been provided by Infinex registered persons and are limited to broker-dealer and insurance services.


Gather More Assets

  • Broad array of packaged products, wealth management and financial planning services
  • Field support in each market
  • Technology that allows your to spend time in front of your clients, NOT on operational issues
  • CARE referral training
  • Powerful on-line tools



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