S_Amarante_0135-MREZ-110x140Stephen P. Amarante
President and Chief Executive Officer

"At Infinex, we remain committed to our mission:  to provide the highest level of service and services, with the most competitive revenue sharing payout back to our banks.  We believe in providing exceptional, high-touch support."

Bill, 2017 Picture, Small.fw.pngWilliam F. Cummings
Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

"As COO and head of the regulatory and compliance group, I am dedicated to assuring that all of our advisors can focus on gathering assets as opposed to dealing with operational issues.  From a compliance perspective, we have an approachable, consultative culture to helping our advisors." 

Scott_Davis_Photo_3.fw.pngScott Davis
Executive Vice President and Chief Relationship Officer



Margaret C. Goz
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

"TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More"


Al Dabiri
Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff

"As Chief of Staff, I am constantly evaluating our systems and processes to ensure our teams are efficiently working to deliver best in class service to our clients."



John_Cooney.fw.pngJohn Cooney
Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

“The mission of the Compliance Team is to do the right thing for our clients, and to protect the reputations of our advisors and partner banks, in a consultative, client-focused manner.”


Holger for website.fw.png

Holger Kunst
Chief Information Officer

“We are working with our clients to provide the tools they need to conduct business efficiently - always on the lookout for ways to improve the systems."




W. Jere Colcer
Senior Vice President, Business Development

"I believe that a partnership with Infinex has the power to improve an advisor's quality of life, enhance the end-client experience and drive more fee income to the financial institution."


A_Santaniello_0338-MREZ-110x140Anthony M. Santaniello
Senior Vice President, Director of Coporate Development & Data Analytics

"As head of technology, I understand that my focus is to build an industry-leading technology platform.  But I also know it is just as important to empower our advisors to adopt the functionality and technology.  The overall goal is to streamline their processes and ultimately improve productivity."

Ida L. ViglioneIda--2nd-pic_web-SM-110x140
Senior Vice President, Training & Development

"The Lead Generation Division is committed to creating and delivering programs that build confidence by increasing knowledge and skills needed to enhance client relationships and inspire retail employees and their clients to have a more informed relationship with their money."

Michael_Cook_MREZ-110x140Michael B. Cook
Vice President, Manager Fixed Income

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."  --Benjamin Franklin

web_avatars-1Kevin Mancini
Senior Vice President & Director of System Integrations & Customer Support

"Customer Service is not just a tagline. It is woven throughout our organization, evidenced in every interaction with our team."


J_Martin_0422-MREZ-110x140John F. Martin, Jr.

Vice President, Director of Advisory Compliance

"Suitability, Integrity, Value, Dedication...we have a compliance team devoted to working with our advisors so they can help their clients achieve their financial goals in the best, most fully compliant manner."


Rob Johnson for Website.fw.pngRobert Johnson
Vice President, Director of Advisory Services

"The investor's chief problem, and even his worst enemy, is likely to be himself." - Benjamin Graham




Alexander L. Rosten

Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager

"Creating effective investment portfolios to help people reach their financial goals is what I love to do."


Christine M. Strickland
Vice President, Training & Development

"Great sales training creates a process for consistent awareness of opportunities that appear in daily client interactions and improves the sales staff's ability to offer timely solutions."



Brittany Walters, Headshot for Website.jpg

Brittany Chambers
Vice President, Marketing & Communication

“Infinex takes a team approach to marketing, collaborating with programs and advisors to offer print and digital materials that are compliance approved and personalized to your specific brand and demographics. Our goal is to make your lives easier, while providing consulting and resources that drive continued success.”


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