Welcome to Infinex Financial Group – an independent, full service broker dealer that prides itself on an unwavering commitment to serve the interests of our partners.

Whether you are a financial institution program manager, an advisor in a financial institution, or an independent advisor, the strategies and tactics needed to run a successful investment practice continue to evolve.  Any broker-dealer can give you core functionality such as access to: trade execution, technology, a broad range of products, and back office support.

At Infinex, we embrace the idea of being a third party marketer.  Success today takes more than access to functionality - it takes people who are experts at providing sales and marketing support to help you improve results.

As a third party marketer, we are committed to providing the resources to efficiently and effectively reach clients and prospects including:

  • Collateral and Content:  Whether you want to use our marketing templates "as is" or use the verbiage to create your own materials, we provide traditional and digital content and collateral.

  • Data-driven Marketing:  Our latest project leverages client data and predictive analytics to deliver personalized custom marketing to clients based on their needs and demographics.

  • Online Lead Generation:  Recognizing that your clients spend more time on your financial institution's website than they do in the branches, we help you make it easy for clients to learn about the services you offer.

  • Proprietary Research:  Most industry metrics for financial institution based programs tend to be skewed by the results from national and super-regional banks.  That is why we conduct an annual study to determine measures and activities relevant to community based financial institutions.

  • Referral Generation:  The lifeblood of financial institution based investment programs is referrals.  Our proprietary C.A.R.E. program provides access to tools and consistent communication to make referring easy.

Unparalleled service is our mission. No other broker dealer can offer you more in flexibility, experience, insight, and value than Infinex. I invite you to experience the difference Infinex Financial Group can provide.


Stephen Amarante
President & CEO


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Why So Many Advisors and Financial Institutions Are Joining or Converting to Infinex

  • Face-to-Face In-Field Support
  • Proprietary Technology
  • LOW End-Client Fees
  • Service Excellence
  • CARE Referral Training